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Cheque It Out

Getting an investment check is NOT the most valuable thing for your company. 

It's learning how to build your business without one!

We're excited to learn about your business vision, goals, and progress. The things we look for in a business are detailed below. If it feels like a good fit, please send us your business plan directly. 

Invested Founder

Founders who have spent a considerable amount of their own time and money to build something tangible.

Priceless Advantage

Businesses with something that money can't easily buy. Domain expertise, rare talent, brand recognition, creative signature, or product excellence. 

Lean Production 

Founders and teams that produce ten times more than their budget would seem to allow. 

Simplistic Solutions

Founders who can take a complex domain, articulate a genuine pain point, and show a simple path for how they plan to solve it. 

Tribe Builders

Founders who can do more than just cast a vision, they are self-determined and inspirational enough to propel it forward. 

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