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It's all about moving forward 

In coffee shops and boardrooms alike, we thrive when helping businesses of all sizes turn complex pictures into clear and actionable go-forwards. 

Ways to partner

  • Discuss your goals and how we may be able to help you achieve them.

    15 min

  • Work with Rick by the hour to move your business along.

    1 hr

    350 US dollars
  • Growth Advisor

    Every month
    Strategize, plan and execute critical functions for growth.

✓ Create and manage a growth plan.

✓ Build new business relationships.

✓ Forecast exit, acquisition stage, and company valuation

✓ Acquisition planning

✓ Investor planning
✓ Help manage internal and external stakeholders

* Equity-based option available for early-stage businesses.  Schedule an introduction to discuss. 

Reasons to Partner 

There's a variety of ways we partner, but only one reason… mutual admiration. Hear directly from our current partners the reasons they chose to work with Rick.

Cora Leibig

Dave Harig

CEO | mystride

John Long

CEO | akoyaGO

Rick Wall

Darren Lynch

Partner Impact

Every company has different opportunities, needs, and challenges. We're proud of the value we help create for a wide range businesses.


Sentera Impact

Invested in the founding round with original team, helped them create the initial business plan and secure multiple venture capital rounds.


TimeSolv Impact

Helped build an advisor board, create a marking strategy and team, create harmony with the management team, and secure a private equity exit.


VoyageurU Impact

Invested in the founder, helped refine the marketing and distribution plan, provided motivation support to help the venture thrive.


Irish Titan Impact

Helped with business development, acquisition prospecting, due diligence, and supported fundraising efforts.


Livestream Learning Studio Impact

Invested in the team, supported additional fundraising efforts, and help negotiate with banks and investors.


Chromatic 3D Impact

Help the CEO secure a venture round.


Provation Medical Impact

Invested in the company and supported the sale of the company to a strategic partner.


mystride Impact

Invested in the founder, coached and mentored him through the struggles of early-stage development.


Spark TS Impact

Invested in the team, helped refine their growth strategy, develop a SaaS solution and expand their product offering.


The Celtic Croft Impact

Brought in a team of partners and helped update thier strategic plan and marketing.


akoyaGO Impact

First outside investor, brought in a new CEO, secured two rounds of venture funding.


Highland Bank Impact

Helped business development and governance initiatives, and helped the management team on key strategic initiatives.


Bioverge Impact

Helped the CEO refine the business model, improve operations, and supported fundraising efforts.


Infinity Robotics Impact

Invested in the first round, helped the company through a merger, and supported the CEO on key hiring efforts.


Ecessa Corporation Impact

Helped the CEO to reduce costs, improve sales, and guided them through a successful sale.


Bella Bridesmaids Impact

Helped the company reduce costs and improve sales and marketing efforts.

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